myra's ballet

Friday, December 3, 2010

'oh that little janettmarie!'

I just love janettmarie's (the princess of apples) drawing of me (the princess of art) entitled 'homage to myra'!  Sooo cute!  And how appropriate!  It's right on time for the 'winter sketching season'.  Over the next month or so I was going to try to draw 5 small sketches per session when I am in my studio.  That's what I did yesterday after cleaning the house, walking the dog and cooking Harvey a delicious sandwich for dinner.  I am going to time it again when I have the chance to be in my studio - but I think the 5 sketches took me an hour - and then I did a 9x12 watercolor.  I am going to explore some of my other favorite subjects such as a series I call 'coffee with Bonnie', women reading, women looking at the ocean, and van gogh's women of the field.  I will post one of them tomorrow.  JM is going to sketch a ballerina, Bonnie is going to sketch a . . . Carol is going to sketch a . . . you are going to sketch a . . .


martinealison said...

Merci de nous faire admirer ces croquis de vous... belle communication.

JanettMarie said...

Yes, a ballerina, I am practicing now!