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Friday, December 31, 2010

thank you janettmarie . . . how to add texture to your canvas . . .

What a great video! Looking forward to many more in the coming year (hint, hint)!

interesting drawing video and . . . a question for janettmarie . . .

This is not how I draw.  I don't draw in such a 'civilized' manner.  After watching this video several times I think I will try this method 'for the experience' and report back.  I wonder how other people draw.  I find it fascinating.  Also I'm hoping that JanettMarie will one day do some progression shots of her work.  Sometimes as I go through the day cooking, cleaning and trying to do good to others I wonder 'how does she get those colors and textures?'  'Does she do workshops?'  'If so will she let me in for free?'

Thursday, December 30, 2010

one small step . . . a thousand miles to go . . .

sketch #2 by myra anderson
First, it was so sweet of Mr. Anderson (that's what I call my husband Harvey sometimes) anyway, it was so sweet of Mr. Anderson to go out and buy me an automatic pencil sharpener.  I have many packs of  unopened pencils - but no sharpener.  Now, armed with  newly sharpened pencils I decided to 'lay down some lines' or do some pencil drawings.  (I have only done three pencil drawings in my life.)

Well, I rather enjoyed it!  But there were areas that I wish I could make darker.  Lo and behold I opened up a book!  *I found out that there is something called 'a carbon pencil' that gives you darker lines.  *The artist also said that he drew the entire figure before he added the clothing.    Duh!  Why didn't he tell me that before I put her other leg in the wrong place!  Off to the store for carbon pencils and other drawing pencils!!

A quote from the web

Photo by Rick Elkins

'the ballet is truly timeless'
It took me a while to 'see' that the two ballerinas in this beautiful photo were in the same pose as the ballerinas in the Degas.  This photo by Rick Elkins portrays the kind of beauty I hope to one day bring to my paintings of the ballet.  'A thousand miles to go.'

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

say what! part 2

#1 The Girl With the Charcoal Hair
by myra anderson
Part 2 Many modern day painters of the ballet say that their goal is not to copy Degas but to 'bring Degas to the next level'.  This is something that I personally think is reflected in many of John Asaro's paintings of the ballet.  I think that if Degas were here today,  he too would impart a beautiful modern day look to a favorite subject.

 John Asaro
Also, I mentioned that I would have to answer the unspoken challenge of John Asaro (see previous post).  Since he is doing 100 paintings of the dance - I will do "Depending on who you ask - 100 either great or poorly drawn sketches - of the ballet."

Finally here is a quote from the blog 'Dear Artist'.  She encouraged me in this first sketch to try and draw exactly what I wanted to communicate -  in this case -a girl with charcoal hair.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

say what! part 1

After I saw the video below and JanettMarie's beautiful acrylic painting I DID get out my brushes and do a black and white acrylic painting of a 'you know what' (ballerina).  Now I see that in some way I must rise to the challenge unknowingly presented to me by this John Asaro fellow!  I thought Degas calling me all the time to ask how my ballerina paintings were coming along was enough - and now this!!  But you know me - I LOVE a challenge!

David Shevlino

JanettMarie told me about this video.  When you see it . . . it makes you want to get out your BIG brushes and paint!

Monday, December 27, 2010

#4 two too 2 tutu green . . .

 #4 two ballerinas with tints of green
by myra anderson
Jerome Greene
'I think that this painting is so wonderfully carefree . . .'

Sunday, December 26, 2010

#5 jane and jane and driving you insane . . .

#5 speckled on the shore of speckled sand and sun
by myra 'jane' anderson
Yes men and women, girls and boys, dudes and dudettes . . . in 5 more posts about watercolor I WILL open that watercolor set!
watercolor by Jane Ferguson
'I just love this composition'

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#6 me and ann teigen purrrrrrrrr . . .

The 10 top reasons I need to open those watercolors
and read that watercolor book -
#6 'If that's how you're going to carry me I'd rather walk'
by myra anderson

by ann teigen
love that pose!

#7 and I imagine that you think I'm going to open those watercolors when I get to #1 ummmm?

#7 Bonnie lookin' boss on the beach
by myra anderson
and . . .
Carol Blackburn's Bulletin Board of Inspiring Photos

For inspiration Carol Blackburn keeps a bulletin board with photos pinned to it of things that she would like to paint someday (including one of her beloved brother).  When she is not particularly inspired to do something special she grabs one of these photos and does a study.  This often inspires her to do another piece.  What beautiful photos!  What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration Carol.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

the 10 top reasons I need to open those watercolors and read that watercolor book #9

#9 the little red boat by myra anderson
and . . .

a full set of lips and a pizza face . . .

I SAID A PIECE OF FACE!  In order to draw faces I decided that I am going to study my own face in a mirror.  This is how I look when I close my eyes and draw myself . . . well, I got the hair right . . .  coming next - reason #9 why I should open those watercolors and read that watercolor book!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

ballerina sketch and pizza face . . .

NO I SAID A PIECE OF FACE . . . Yesterday I put on my best leotard and tulle skirt so that I could meditate on how to bring my drawings of the ballet up to the next level.   Also, this is as far as I wanted to go on this drawing of a face.  I 'checked it before I wrecked it'.  Next time I will definitely go for it . . . maybe . . .

Friday, December 17, 2010

the top 10 reasons I need to open those watercolors and read that watercolor book!

#10 Dancer with the blueberry legs by myra anderson
The top 10 reasons I need to open those watercolors
and read that watercolor book
in paintings, quotes from other artists, and pictures . . .

Thursday, December 16, 2010

blue mountain . . .

What is this . . . day number 30 of me talking about those watercolor paints?  You know - the ones that I bought on sale.  I AM GETTING VERY CLOSE TO OPENING THE PACKAGE.   I am also getting very close to reading that WATERCOLOR BOOK I told you about. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

cathy bueti and me . . .

 ocean song by myra anderson
Also, when it comes to mixed media Cathy Bueti is like a mix media encyclopedia!  Not only does she share her techniques with you, she also explains the emotions that went into creating each piece.  Her technique is a wonder and her thoughts make you ponder . . . 
Did you happen to catch my mixed media contribution to ocean song?  I added red marker to the skirt! Gotta start somewhere . . .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

kim frohsin

Kim Frohsin is the artist from Sunday's post.  Since this is my watercolor winter I was fascinated by her use of so many elements.   I am searching for every color pencil, marker, crayon, etc. that I have ever bought from the store so that I can bring it all to the (watercolor) table.   Next: What about Cathy Bueti?

dreaming of . . .

Monday, December 13, 2010

one two cha cha cha

one day we'll look back at some of these drawing and laugh . . .
three four cha cha cha . . .

too nosey?

This is the same model from the previous post.  She wanted a nose and 'wha-la' here it is! After I went through the whole process of drawing, painting, adding purple lines with a watercolor pencil on the tutu - and giving her a nose - 'what about nostrils!' she said.  Back to the drawing board.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

who nose? what fun!

myra anderson 'not so nosey'

If you look back a few months ago, I wanted to learn how to draw faces.  As you can see I've done a few side views  but yesterday I felt that it was time to go to the next level - the front view.   After I did the ballerina with the eyes (closed) and the mouth - there was no room for the nose.  Just wait - the next pose - there will be nose!   You - being such great artists - may wonder - what takes me so long?  Well . . . I'm slow . . . and filled with fear.  My name should be Myra SlowFear.

Also, I saw the second painting on the web.  If you know the artist let me know.  When I looked at the mixed media list I thought 'what fun!'  'Gotta get me a bunch of stuff!'  'What is powdered pigment?'  'Time to google mixed media!' Myra SlowFear signing off for now.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

oh four - part one . . .

I do have a few oil paintings to post.  Also, I think I will follow Bonnie's lead and stay with water media over the winter.  I'm waiting on her report about the water based oil paints.  In the meantime I want to 'conquer' watercolors (and acrylics) like a mountain climber wants to climb to the top of Mount Everest.  As I look at the watercolors I have done so far - I think that there is something I need to do that I just don't want to do -  READ A BOOK.  I have a book I just don't want to read a book!  I'll look at Chapter 1 tomorrow. 
These paintings represent  4 things that I would like to do with my ballerinas -
1.  paint a bold beautiful colorful watercolor Degas (John Nieto and JanettMarie)
2.  paint a bold acrylic with two colors - even paint a danseuse! (Mark Adlington)
3.  paint a ballerina  against a bold abstract (Sylvie Van Hulle)
4.  paint a large dynamic painting of a ballerina (Georgianne Fastaia)

dancing with green . . .

After practicing with just black watercolor I was ready to try all of the watercolors again.  Now I feel like dancing on over to the art supply store.  I think that for fine detail I need some watercolor sticks and some watercolor pencils.  I WONDER IF THEY HAVE ANY ON SALE!

from the coffee blog . . .

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ballerina with a fan . . .

So, as I mentioned before, this is one of the more serious 'fun' pieces I was working on.  Like Degas I want to do a series of ballerinas holding a fan.  Also, practicing watercolor with black only is very helpful.  After a few of these black and white paintings I was thinking that I just might open that new jumbo watercolor set after all. Hmmmmm . . .

jazzy dancer . . .

Today I did some very serious fun watercolor sketches of the ballet . . . and then I decided to just have some fun!

from the coffee blog . . .

Monday, December 6, 2010

mark adlington

paintings by mark adlington
I have quite a few pieces  of art to post up to this point .  Starting from this point . I will work to answer the question:  Can I bring 'poetry' and 'music' to my art?

back to work . . .

ballerina about to take the stage #1
myra anderson
Here is an idea that I wanted to explore - just showing this much of a ballerina about to take the stage.  Also, I saw something very interesting and inspiring today - something that inspires me to try to bring my ballerinas up to the next level.  Will post next . . .

from the coffee blog . . .