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Thursday, December 30, 2010

one small step . . . a thousand miles to go . . .

sketch #2 by myra anderson
First, it was so sweet of Mr. Anderson (that's what I call my husband Harvey sometimes) anyway, it was so sweet of Mr. Anderson to go out and buy me an automatic pencil sharpener.  I have many packs of  unopened pencils - but no sharpener.  Now, armed with  newly sharpened pencils I decided to 'lay down some lines' or do some pencil drawings.  (I have only done three pencil drawings in my life.)

Well, I rather enjoyed it!  But there were areas that I wish I could make darker.  Lo and behold I opened up a book!  *I found out that there is something called 'a carbon pencil' that gives you darker lines.  *The artist also said that he drew the entire figure before he added the clothing.    Duh!  Why didn't he tell me that before I put her other leg in the wrong place!  Off to the store for carbon pencils and other drawing pencils!!

A quote from the web

Photo by Rick Elkins

'the ballet is truly timeless'
It took me a while to 'see' that the two ballerinas in this beautiful photo were in the same pose as the ballerinas in the Degas.  This photo by Rick Elkins portrays the kind of beauty I hope to one day bring to my paintings of the ballet.  'A thousand miles to go.'


Cathy Bueti said...

Beautiful sketch! My hubby bought me a set of graphite pencils that I have been using and love them. That electric sharpener sounds cool! Looks like we both have sweet thoughtful men in our lives! :)

JanettMarie said...

Oh Myra! This really is a nice graphite. We have so many possibilities, oh the possibilities, the choices, the materials, oh what fun it is!
...and Thank you Mr. Anderson, for Mrs. Anderson!

hmuxo said...

I always enjoy your posts and this sketch is wonderful...beautiful ballerina!!