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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

say what! part 2

#1 The Girl With the Charcoal Hair
by myra anderson
Part 2 Many modern day painters of the ballet say that their goal is not to copy Degas but to 'bring Degas to the next level'.  This is something that I personally think is reflected in many of John Asaro's paintings of the ballet.  I think that if Degas were here today,  he too would impart a beautiful modern day look to a favorite subject.

 John Asaro
Also, I mentioned that I would have to answer the unspoken challenge of John Asaro (see previous post).  Since he is doing 100 paintings of the dance - I will do "Depending on who you ask - 100 either great or poorly drawn sketches - of the ballet."

Finally here is a quote from the blog 'Dear Artist'.  She encouraged me in this first sketch to try and draw exactly what I wanted to communicate -  in this case -a girl with charcoal hair.


cristina dalla valentina said...

Wonderful post, Myra!
Your charcoal drawing is so beautiful!
And thank you for the quote, and for making me know John Asaro!

Artist Terri Smith said...

Awesome post Sweet Myra! Love your newest charcoal sketch! Your ballerinas have such character and life to them! Have a Beautiful New Year Dear Friend! xoxoxo Terri