myra's ballet

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sketch #3 - you can't un-ring a bell . . .

jazzy janettmarie at the beach
by myra anderson
Getting close to opening those watercolors!  Remember?  I ran out of the paper that I like and they didn't have any more at my supply store?  I have a few 'to remain unfinished' watercolors that I can post.  In this watercolor I say that I can't un-ring a bell.  I like the colors and the jazzy little outfit that janettmarie is wearing but I just couldn't make this watercolor work.  Sorry janettmarie!


Carol Blackburn said...

You are absolutely right on this issue cannot unring a bell and that is why I tread cautiously when painting. You see, I've ruined too many too count by forging ahead full speed and not letting a painting dry fully before continuing or not testing the paint on a scrap of paper first......I'm sure you see what I mean. In the words of my grandson Jonathan (his favorite phrase when he was little) "try again."

JanettMarie said...

Hi Myra,
I guess I'll wear this jazzy little outfit anyway. You gotta do what ya gotta do!
I'm getting prepared for an apple harvest, be on the look out!

martinealison said...

Très belle allure dans cette peinture. J'aime beaucoup les personnages vus de dos... Ils sont tellement énigmatiques et ouvrent l'esprit à la rêverie.